Shape SorterWelcome to Step Up To Autism.  Our website focuses on empowering parents and caregivers by giving them simple practices to start early intervention.  We’re targeting the little guys between 0-5 years old and we know first hand how tough a diagnosis can be and the challenges parents face when trying to organize support and learning.  Our goal is to make the days before and after diagnosis easier for you and empower you to start your child’s programming immediately. One inspirational place to start is by reading "Welcome to Holland". We hope it will inspire you to think positively and move forward with strength as it has done for so many others. 

“Early Intervention to Reverse Autism"

Our products (1) use fun as a motivator, (2) easily fit into busy family schedules, and (3) incorporate functional practices that not only emphasize your child's interests, but also target multiple learning skills.  This way you get the biggest bang for your buck.  And talking about bucks, our products are low-tech which translates into low cost!

Able Play SealOur first offering is The ABC Letter Book which is a powerful visual aid that uses personal pictures to maximize motivation and learning.  This is an easy tool for parents, grandparents and others to use to engage children even at the level of simply modeling words of familiar pictures.   Click on  “25 Reasons to Use Visual Strategies”  below to learn the power of pictures.

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25 Reasons to Use Visual Strategies
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