Nine Steps to Balancing Your Energy


Change Your Eating Habits.  Food is your only source of energy, so consciously eating to maintain energy will have an impact.  The two most important things you can do!  Eat breakfast to get your metabolism rolling every morning and stabilize your blood sugar by eating a snack at least every two hours.


Balance Your Recovery Time.  Managing your energy is often really about managing your down time.  With any major energy expenditure in your day, you need to create a wave of recovery to balance the scales.  That means taking the same amount of time relaxing, breathing deeply and settling down.


Create Rituals.  Most people have very little will and discipline (you're not alone)!  Building rituals into your time will help you keep your commitments.  Your rituals should be as rigid as possible so that they become automatic over time.  Try working out or taking time for your spirituality at the exact same time every day.


Be Positive.  Make it fun.  Whatever you're doing that you consider a struggle, invent ways to become more attached to it.  Rationalize it to yourself more positively.  Shift your paradigm from negative to positive and you're on your way to really enjoying your life.


Stop Multitasking.  In our fast-paced culture, multitasking may be considered a virtue.  The trouble is, when you're doing more than one thing at one time, you're not giving all of your energy to anything.  Focus.  Commit yourself to the most important thing at that moment.  It'll save you energy in the long run.


Know What Matters to You.  The only way to make your life extraordinary is to know what extraordinary means to you.  Think of it this way:  On your dying day, what criteria would you use to measure the success of you life?


Focus on What Matters to You.  Once you know what matters, set your priorities accordingly.  Use rituals to help you make sure to spend enough time every day on the things you care about.


Beat "Energy Vampires."  "Energy vampires" are negative drains on your life.  Beating them is often a matter of making good choices.  Even though you may think you need to include these vampires on your list of priorities, do you?  Ask yourself how important the things draining your energy really are.  Eliminate the ones that aren't included in your core list of values or desires.


Use Your Stress.  Rather than trying to eliminate your stress or stormy periods in your life, use them.  Recognize that these periods are your best times for growth.  Just a stressing a muscle will cause it to grow stronger, use your stress to help you be stronger and live more purposefully.

From: Oprah After the Show Balance Your Energy, Balance Your Life


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