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The ABC Letterbook Engaging Children Everyday

"I am constantly searching for toys that engage my son. When I saw how the ABC Letter Book gave my family, especially my son's grandmother, an easy way to connect, I knew other children would benefit. Enjoy and learn." Deirdre Hammaker, Author & Mom

Children love books about themselves and their surroundings! This interest combined with their natural love for the alphabet makes The ABC Letter Book an especially effective learning tool for children. Little ones as young as one year old can benefit from caregivers and providers engaging them through letter pages that present familiar and customized pictures and photographs. Children of all different developmental levels learn to attend, point, give, match and communicate!

Powerful Features:

  • Makes it easier for everyone to interact with your child.
  • Helps determine your child's best mode of communication: Verbalization, Sign, or Picture exchange. Being able to communicate directly reduces many behaviorial issues.
  • Connects photographic and line drawn picture representations.
  • Provides consistency across teaching environments and supports home-school communication.
  • Increases repetition which facilitates learning.
  • Customizes easily to include personal pictures.
  • Adapts activities to readily meet advances in cognitive skill.
  • Uses Mayer Johnson illustrations which are in harmony with most academic/center-based settings.
  • Is durable and uses standard office supplies for manageable upkeep.

The ABC Letter Book's standard set up includes 26 letter pages that have two pictures of the same item per page; one picture is a photograph and the other is a line drawn representation. Since early learners generally first recognize photographs this format helps the child connect the different representations of an object which facilitates learning in school and center based programs where line drawn pictures are predominant.

Creative Uses

Ideas of how to use your child's picture book range from basic word modeling, to matching picture-to- picture, to beginning spelling and word recognition. Customization of your book makes it a tool that significantly enhances learning, peaking your child's interest to look at it again and again. Sensory activities can be incorporated by adding items such as foam stickers or the actual objects pictured. Communication modes easily can be explored by working with sign language, picture exchange and/or encouraging verbal imitation.

Product Contents

26 plastic protected letter pages in a durable 3-ring binder, customizable title page to include child's name and picture, library of 72+ pictures, Anecdotal Data Sheets, Choice board, dry erase marker, glue dots. Everything you need for awhile!

The ABC Letter Book: $28.00

Additional Picture Library: $8.00

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written by Michelle Gillespie, October 20, 2009
I didn't realize what an invaluable tool this book would be until I shared it with our twins' teacher. Our twins are in an autistic support classroom which utilizes ABA/VB and their teacher and speech therapist love it. Thank you for such a great tool. I am now ordering 2 more for home use.
written by Jane Doe, August 16, 2008
What a great product! smilies/cheesy.gif

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