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Deirdre Hammaker Deirdre Hammaker is a mom of triplets, one of whom was discovered to be on the autism spectrum at 1 years old.  Having the unique advantage of experiencing typical and atypical child development, Deirdre deeply values early intervention and passionately pursues helping families in their quest for immediate and effective support.  Deirdre has been a business owner of two successful start-ups, a marketing manager for healthcare and IT services, and is currently using her biochem background and organizational skills to develop a suite of simple, functional and fun early learner tools.   Deirdre's goal:  To reverse autism through early intervention.

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Maria Suzette Smith Maria Suzette Smith, M.S.
Brooke Productions, LLC

Maria Smith is the aunt of an autistic child. He is her inspiration to bring autism to the forefront of the general public in search for a cure. She has written an animated short film and documentary which are currently in production to increase public awareness of autism. Additionally, she is active with other projects to promote education, awareness, and public support. Maria attended the College of Notre Dame where she received her Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Corporate Management. She is currently the business owner of a real estate title company and a production company. Maria's goal: To increase awareness, education, and financial support for autistic families.

Rebecca DiCocco Rebecca DiCocco works with children diagnosed with autism in both school and home-based settings.  She focuses on using the strengths and interests of the child to improve their ability to develop communication skills as well as functional life-skills that promote independence. Rebecca strongly believes in the importance of early invention and strong family support to promote better success.  She focuses on teaching parents and caregivers how to promote communication in a variety of environments in order to promote generalization. Rebecca graduated from Loyola College, and currently works in the LEAP Program at Kennedy Kreiger Institute.  Rebecca's goal: To improve a child’s ability to communicate as well as improve their interaction within their environment and especially with family.


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