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Funding Families is a special project we’ve undertaken to help families quickly identify funding resources that may help offset some of the costs for home programming and other healthcare needs. You'll find resources at the local (Baltimore County), state (Maryland), and federal levels.

The summary list currently includes almost 50 organizations that provide monies for things such as respite, equipment, education and training.

Easily sign up with our site to receive the .pdf file. We’ll keep you posted regarding updates. The entire reference book, filled with summary information and helpful shortcuts, is available at cost for $28.00.

Funding Families Reference Book: $28.00


Donations are also welcome and help us to continue working to assist families affected by autism.

Developmental Disabilities Administration

The mission of the Developmental Disabilities Administration is to provide leadership to assure the full participation of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in all aspects of community life. In addition, DDA's goal is to promote their empowerment to access quality supports and services necessary to foster personal growth, independence and productivity.

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