The ABC Letter Book
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The ABC Letterbook Engaging Children Everyday

"I am constantly searching for toys that engage my son. When I saw how the ABC Letter Book gave my family, especially my son's grandmother, an easy way to connect, I knew other children would benefit. Enjoy and learn." Deirdre Hammaker, Author & Mom

First Exchanges

First ExchangesFirst Exchanges is a simple yet highly effective tool developed after years of working with nonverbal children.  Parents and clinicians will find it especially helpful in developing meaningful exchanges.

Visual Stategy Products

By Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

We use visual tools to accomplish a purpose. Perhaps we use something visual to help a student understand a situation. Maybe we provide a visual prompt so a student can accomplish a task more independently. Think of the PURPOSE of a visual tool. Defining the student’s NEEDS guides the decision about what kind of tool to use. Identifying the purpose of a visual tool helps us know how to use it.


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